Experienced real estate agents, home owners, and investors often become interested in purchasing luxury real estate at some point in their lives and careers. However, it can be confusing to determine what precisely constitutes a luxury piece of real estate, especially when one considers the wide variety in standards of living across the country and globe. Here are some tips to help individuals determine which real estate properties are luxury ones.

Besides the price of a property, one of the easiest ways to identify quality luxury real estate is the size of the property. Luxury pieces of real estate, as a rule, will be larger than non-luxury pieces. This might mean a property that’s 5000 square feet in size instead of 2,500.

In some cases, this might refer to estates tens of thousands of square feet in area. Comparing the size of the property to the average sizes of properties in the city or state is a good way to develop an idea of the prestige of the property.



The age of the property often provides another set of clues regarding its social stature in its neighborhood or city. Generally, luxury properties will be newer than non-luxury properties.

However, keep in mind that old properties may be luxurious as well; it is necessary to look at multiple factors in order to determine the pedigree of a property. Some of the most luxurious properties in a country may be among its oldest, with the age of the property adding to its mystery and fame.



Finally, carefully consider the style of the property. Whether a property is large or small, new or old, there will always be touches of money and power that distinguish the luxury property from the common property. For example, look for the newest and most up to date kitchens, appliances, and finishings within the home.

Luxury properties also have daring styles that draw the eye and the attention of the townspeople from miles away. It is not uncommon for high-class investors to hire architects to personally design homes for wealthy clients; here, as in the other categories, luxury properties distinguish themselves by standing out.


In conclusion, the question of what constitutes a luxury real estate can be difficult to answer, depending on factors such as whether the house for sale is a property in the US or a property in Malaysia.

What is certain is that there can be wide variations in what is considered to be luxurious, and as a result, it is best to form a clear idea of the kinds of properties considered to be luxurious in the area in which you are interested if you wish to obtain the best deal for your money.

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