The amount of choices that are available for Malaysian web companies is huge. Many potential website owners and current entrepreneurs have a hard time deciding which hosting service is best for them. While email hosting and VPS hosting should be part of their overall service package, other aspects should determine your final decision as well.

When looking into web hosting companies for your new website, make sure you take into account the following factors:

Web Hosting Services and Domain Name Registration

Believe it or not, many web hosting companies do not offer domain name registration as part of their services. Using separate services for domain name registration and hosting can cause a lot of headaches.

Great web hosting companies will include both the hosting and the domain name registration into one package (Also See Web Hosting: What is a Server Co-Location?). Some may even offer free domain name registration for one year.

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The Bandwidth

Make sure the hosting company you use offers enough bandwidth for the amount of customers you expect to visit your website. If you don’t have enough bandwidth and your site goes viral, the hosting company will shut it down once it reaches the maximum amount of customers for one day.

Reputable hosting companies will allow you to upgrade your bandwidth at any time, if necessary.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting, also known as virtual private server hosting, should be an option that every hosting company offers to their clients. Virtual private servers are perfect for individuals who expect large amounts of traffic and need extra security at the same time.

If your chosen hosting company doesn’t offer virtual private servers, look somewhere else.


Customer Support

Your website is useless if it is constantly down. Because anything is possible, you must ensure that your chosen company offers superb customer support. Make sure they maintain a 24-hour support line with agents that know what they’re talking about.

TheGigaBit hosting company offers affordable web hosting services that anyone can afford. They have a wide variety of options that include friendly customer service, email hosting and dedicated servers. TheGigaBit is one of the top Malaysian web hosting companies because its services are top notch and can be catered to fit anyone’s needs.

TheGigabit Virtual Private Server Services

TheGigabit Virtual Private Server Services