Bangkok is a city that offers tourists perfect one of a kind experiences. Tourists love it here because these unique experiences are not limited to the temples, zoos, and floating markets. They also feel these experiences in some of the city’s quaint and hidden hotels. That is why some tourists prefer to stay at hotels in Bangkok.

Here are five of them:the-bangkok-tree-house-hotel-and-restaurant-3-1020x610

  1. The Bangkok Tree House. The hotel stands on the banks of the famed Chao Phraya River. Rooms here are run with solar panels. Leaves are used as writing materials. Rooms are nestled on top of trees. Its most famous room is the one that has no walls and ceilings. If you plan on sleeping under the sky, this is the room for you.the-bhuthorn-bed-breakfast-photos-exterior-hotel-information
  2. The Buthorn Hotel. The rooms here speak of old world Thai because it is actually an ancestral home. It features antiques and old world furnishings that were preserved and restored painstakingly to give the rooms a unique charm. With only three rooms to choose from, this hotel offers privacy at its maximum.262424_14052714560019588653
  3. Loy La Long. What makes the hotel rooms of Loy La Long one of a kind is that it sits right on the majestic Chao Phraya River on stilts. The rooms are mostly done in wood with vibrant splashes of color that make it attractive for everyone. Guests can lounge out on the terrace that provides a great view of the cityscape.9209252_27_z
  4. Arun Residences. The rooms at the Arun Residence provide guests with one of Bangkok’s best views – the majestic sight of Wat Arun. The six rooms are designed with old Thai décor and sit on the banks of Chao Phraya River. The hotel is within walking proximity of the Grand Palace.shanghai-mansion-122351
  5. The Shanghai Mansion. Located in the Yaowarat District, it offers guests a feel of 1930’s Chinese décor. Red is the dominant color and vibrant lanterns are the accessory of choice.

For travellers who look for off-beat hotels, a unique hotel room in Bangkok will satisfy their tastes.