Weddings are far more intricate to plan than any other celebration. One reason is there are a lot of elements involved. This is a challenge, especially for wedding planners.

If you’re the designated wedding planner, there’s no need to stress yourself out on the big day if you create a wedding day checklist. Here are the top 4 items you need to take care of:1

  1. Clothes The wedding dress, as well as the bridesmaids’ dresses, should have arrived well in advance of the wedding day. The bride’s dress may need a few pins and tucks on the day itself so make sure there’s someone to assist her – her mom or the maid of honor – to make sure that it fits perfectly. When planning a wedding it’s a good idea to get the wedding dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses from the same bridal studio in Singapore. Not only will the designs and fabric be consistent, you will also be able to save if you get the bridal package. Some of them even include the mother of the bride dress.2
  2. Reception Venue The reception venue can be fixed the night before if there’s no one else using the place. Make sure the backdrop and design are ready and the tables and chairs are arranged according to your specifications. You can place the placeholders for the guests in advance too. Just make sure you have a copy of the seat plan in case someone changes things around.3
  3. Call your vendors You don’t need to inspect everything one by one. That’s the reason why you hired trusted vendors for different tasks. By now, you should have them on speed dial just to make final checks. Flowers, cake, music, photos/videos, hair and makeup stylists should be well-taken care of at this point.4
  4. Pick Up Time The groom and guests should be at the wedding venue ahead of the bride. But just to make sure that the guests don’t wait for an hour, coordinate the bride’s pick up time with the limo driver or the person driving the bridal car. If you have a team managing the event, assign one person to monitor the bride’s needs and whereabouts at all times. The rest of the team should be keeping an eye out on the guests and the setup.

The key to successful weddings is planning and preparation. Having a reliable team of vendors is also crucial. Hiring people who are experienced and really good at what they do means fewer headaches for the wedding planner and the bride and groom. Having a checklist will help planners make sure everything is in place at the wedding.