Customer service is key to the achievement of any business goal. Whether you are looking for customer service jobs online or you’re a veteran in this industry, keep in mind that the way you interact with customers can make or break your career. Being human means not getting those interactions right. But to succeed in this field, a specific skill set is required.


The following are 10 essential skills that can help you succeed in the field of customer service:

  1. Ability to Listen – This is probably the top skill because the job is centered around listening to customers and finding solutions to their queries and problems. Failure to listen to a customer means not being able to deliver great service. Note that you should not only listen, but also understand what the customer needs.
  2. Clear Verbal Communication – In addition to listening ability, you should also be able to speak clearly with a customer. While mastering written communication is important, excellent verbal communication is also critical to becoming successful . As such, you should have proper speech and good grammar. Aside from understanding the customers, they should also understand what you’re saying.clear-verbal-communication-is-required-for-customer-services-job
  3. Ability to Empathize – Empathy is a valuable skill. You should not only listen, but actively involve yourself in the customer’s situation. This allows you to sense and understand the emotions of customers, which helps you win their trust.
  4. Product Knowledge – Great product knowledge is a resource as it gives a customer confidence in the product and the company. Working knowledge of a product with which a customer is experiencing problems ensures quick resolution.customer-services-gives-a-customer-confidence-in-the-product
  5. Professionalism – As a customer service employee, it is important that you remain professional despite any unruly behavior from the customer. In a situation where a customer is not happy with a product or service, you should remain calm and level-headed. This aspect of professionalism shows that you respect the customer and your place of work.
  6. Ability to memorize procedures and protocol – Customer service jobs are found in companies that have set methods of handling customers’ calls. You should be able to understand the set rules and internalize them. Understanding the guidelines allows you to perform your role as a customer service representative effectively.
  7. Problem solving – In the event a customer calls in with a problem, you should try to resolve it within the shortest time possible. Customers should be able to feel that you care about their concerns and everything is being done for quick problem resolution.Problem solving aid mind map business concept
  8. Teamwork – To be part of a company means to be part of a team working together to achieve a common goal. Teamwork skills are important in the customer service industry because you have to plan, coordinate, and cooperate with other employees to achieve business objectives.

    Ring of hands giving a teamwork theme

    Ring of hands giving a teamwork theme

  9. Basic Computer and Data Entry Skills – While most skills revolve around human interactions, basic computer and data entry skills are also essential. These skills are necessary as you are likely to use a computer program to record your call data. To do your job well, you should have average (or above average) typing speed to keep customers from waiting.
  10. Dependability – Being a dependable employee is an important aspect of this job. You should be able to come in to work on time, follow up on any pending work you have, and be present during problem solving.

Using these skills can create the difference between providing impeccable service or mediocre service. You are more than likely to see these skills in the job descriptions of different customer service jobs online, which gives you more reason to add them your skill set. Watch your career take off by putting these skills into practice!