As a major tourist destination, Bangkok offers a lot of accommodation options for visitors. For tourists looking for a unique alternative to standard hotels, boutique hotels are highly recommended. These hotels offer a more genuine look into the lifestyle and culture of the host country. Their amenities and services are distinctly theirs and are more intimate because they don’t answer to higher-ups, the way regular hotels answer to corporate entities. Staying in a boutique hotel in Bangkok offers the following benefits:



1) A cozier and more private atmosphere. Boutique hotels in Bangkok typically have between 10 to 50 rooms. Such a setup provides quieter spaces for weary travelers who are in need of privacy. It’s more relaxing and guests feel more at home.



2) Personalized services. A distinct feature of boutique hotels is their more hands-on approach in dealing with their guests. Guests can chat with the owners in person and request for things that they may need. Since there are fewer guests to tend to, the staff are more aware about their needs and whims.



3) Pet friendly. Majority of boutique hotels allow pets like cats and dogs to be brought inside their premises. This is a huge plus for tourists who often travel with their pets. Some owners even go as far as take care of the pets while the guests are away enjoying the sights in the city.



4) Chauffeur or airport pick-up service. Guests can book in advance and request that they will be picked up at the airport or at a train station. Sometimes, the owners of the hotel will do the driving which makes for a friendly introduction. Guests will feel like they are being driven by a family member.

5) No two stays are the same. This is the beauty of boutique hotels. They are all different from each other. Each establishment has its own unique features, ambiance, and amenities.

It’s also worth mentioning here that boutique hotels are often more affordable compared to standard hotels. Their rates may be a bit more than the rates by inns and lodges but these are reasonable considering their additional efforts in ensuring that their guests receive the unique experience and hospitality they deserve.