I once saw a corrugated box off the trash and I saw how sturdy this thing was. I did not know back then what these things were made of since they were pretty identical to a typical card board box. The only difference I could find was that they were not as strong as the other. I do part-time jobs down at a local shooting alley and the shooting board we were using were basically made of thick cardboard. I figured this new box that I found would serve as a better shooting board than the ones we were using now.


I went online to check for some corrugated box companies that manufactured these boxes and wanted to find out what corrugated box design they had that we could use. As I was browsing, I saw that there were several good companies out there and it was a real learning experience for me. I was able to learn just how different these boxes were from plain cardboard ones. It was a great news to know as well that these were recycled from plastic and paper which meant people who used these were actually helping the environment.


I found this good company which was offering some real quality corrugated boards along with the expertise of some really talented designers. They were also accessible to us as they operated within the region. So having suggested this to the management where I was working, we decided to try placing an order from these guys just to see how good the boards were.


When we got them, we were impressed with the way they had them built. They were really solid and their designer also put in some great skill in meeting our design requirements. The shooters that patronized us noticed the difference right away. They said it stood up better to the demands of this sport. So, it’s importance to use these recycleable packaging.