What is Athletic Sports Sponsorship?

Athletic sponsors provide support and assistance to individuals taking part in various types of sport activities. A sponsor can be an individual, an association, a corporation or some level of federal, state or local government. Individuals receiving the support are athletes, at various levels of competency who train and participate in sports on their own, or as part of a team depending on their preferred sport.

Athletes need sponsorship to defray the cost of training and equipment, food and housing plus other individual needs, especially during seasons of preparation and training for participation in the sport of their choice. While they could still participate in sport activities without support and assistance, it is doubtful their level of athletic achievement would reach the same level possible with sponsorship. Excellence in sport depends on the ability to focus athletic goals. An athlete that must think about basic daily needs is not likely to focus properly on sport achievement. Even if funds were not a problem, the time for planning and acquiring support items would take away from training time.

Individuals participating in non-team sports are usually part of an overall team, such as in track and field. For large competitions, such as the Olympics teams are grouped together according to the nations they represent. Each level of participation in sports requires sponsorship. While it may seem like duplication of effort, it is actually the most efficient manner in which to provide the best quality sport sponsorship for every type of athlete.

Benefits of Sport Sponsorship for Athletes and Sponsors

In addition to the benefit of aid and assistance while training and participation in sports, some athletes receive other benefits. Athletes who reach higher levels of excellence receive cash, clothing, transportation and other excellent benefits because of their status in the hearts and minds of fans. In the end, sports fans are the ultimate sponsors of sport. These benefits beyond support to aid in sport training and participation are royalties for the use of the name, face and time of athletes held in high regard by sport fans.

Any sponsor with brands to promote and products to sell benefits from sponsoring popular teams and athletes. This is because of the public recognition the fame of the athlete brings to the brands and products of the sponsor. Athletes also benefit from sponsorship by well-regarded corporations or product manufacturers. When well matched, the relationship between the corporate sponsor and athletes or teams is a symbiotic relationship. This relationship benefits the athletes, sponsors and fans in a win-win-win situation. This is one of the ultimate goals of sports marketing, to achieve relationships bringing benefit to all levels of sport.

Under sponsorship, athletes have obligations to promote brands of the sponsors by wearing the clothing, accessories or equipment provided by the sponsor. Athletes also participate in public appearances and public aid programs carried out by the sponsor. Both sponsors and athletes benefit from these events.

Sponsorships are covered by contracts that protect the rights of sponsors and the sponsored. These contracts detail the scope and type of sponsorship and the obligations of all parties to the contract. Without sports sponsorship, it is not likely fans of sport would have the range of sport activity to enjoy as they do today.