be aware of shoulder dislocation and go shoulder dislocation treatmentThe shoulder is one of the joints in the body that is the most mobile. It’s easy to forget that the shoulder joint can’t be moved in any direction you’d like. The end of the arm bone sits in the socket attached to the scapula. The head of the humerus can shift outside of the joint, which causes it to be dislocated. Many dislocations are anterior ones. This means that the head of the humerus moved in front of the joint. It can happen when the arm is overextended back behind the body. It can occur due to sports, trauma and injury.

Symptoms and Signs

It can be difficult to know whether the shoulder is dislocated unless you see a specialist. With shoulder dislocations, there is an extreme amount of pain. The injured person won’t want to move the arm in any direction since it causes pain. When the shoulder is dislocated, the tendons and muscles surrounding the area are stretched and can be torn, which is the cause of most of the pain.

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Shoulder Dislocation Treatment

To start the healing process, the specialist might try to shift and rotate the shoulder to allow the arm bone head to shift back into the socket. It doesn’t need to be a violent shifting. The muscles need to be relaxed to allow the shoulder to relocate itself. After it’s been shifted, the patient’s arm is held immobile in a sling. The muscles around the joint cause pain, but they are also weak. Often, they can’t keep the shoulder in the correct position alone. There’s a greater risk of another dislocation unless the arm is immobilized.

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Medications for Pain Treatment

The pain might be less severe once the shoulder is back in place, but there’s still some serious injury that will require pain medications. Over the counter medications like ibuprofen are good at reducing the pain as well as bringing down the inflammation that can be caused by this type of injury. While the doctor may prescribe a pain reliever, they shouldn’t be taken for very long. They can cause more serious problems with addiction. It’s best to stick to over the counter medications that will reduce the pain. Another medication that doesn’t require a prescription is acetaminophen. It’s a pain reliever as well as an anti-inflammatory.

Reducing Swelling to Reduce Pain

One of the best ways to reduce the pain is to bring down the swelling. That can be done with anti-inflammatory medications, but the best way is to use ice on the joint. The ice should be applied for 10 minutes then removed for 10 minutes. This alternating method of applying ice will ensure that the swelling decreases without causing tissue damage from extreme cold temperatures.


Shoulder dislocation treatment depends on the severity of the injury. Over the counter products can help ease the pain while the shoulder recovers. The arm should be immobilized with the help of a sling, and it should be iced frequently to reduce the swelling and help the shoulder muscles heal.