Just because there’s a bottle of amber-colored liquid in the local grocery store that says apple juice, that doesn’t mean that what you’re getting is actually anything more than sugar water with a little essence of artificial apple inside of it. Is this really what you want to drink? The answer is most likely an emphatic “No!”

So before you throw that mystery juice into your cart, think about using a few practical, easy tips to help you select juice that’s real, fresh and that actually tastes like apples.



Tips to Help You Find the Best Apple Juice

1: Read the Label

A bottle might say something on it like “natural” or “organic” or “pure,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting real juice. There are no laws against this per se, so a company can call their juice “natural,” when in fact they use very little real apple (which is the natural part) and then load it up with sugar, water and artificial flavorings. So take a few moments to actually read the ingredients label. Real juice reads similar to: Apple/apple concentrate, water, and maybe ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Anything extra isn’t worth getting.


2: Consider Cider

Apple cider is still technically juice, but it hasn’t been filtered. This means most varieties will contain some type of apple pulp, which explains the cloudy color and the shorter shelf life. However, if you’re after real apple flavor, cider packs a big punch whereas juice has been filtered numerous times, and even the most natural brands still have a tendency to dilute their juice with water.





3: Don’t be a Brand Snob

You might not realize it, but those top-shelf brands often only stand out to you due to their advertising and prime placement on the store shelves. This in no way means that their juice will be any better than the juice of a lesser known brand. So don’t be afraid to look around a little bit. You may find that a brand you think is generic is actually a very high-quality juice from a company that simply doesn’t have the advertising power of those big names.


4: Opt For a Jar

Barring a few potential exceptions, the best juice you’re going to find comes inside of a quality jar, not a plastic jug, not a frozen can, and not a cardboard carton. Companies producing high-quality juice take pride in it and aren’t going to concentrate and freeze it, nor are they going to shove it inside of a cheap container where minimal exposure to light and time can change and ruin the flavor.

It might not seem like a big deal to everyone, but if you really love real, natural apple juice – get one here!, then making sure you get the good stuff is worth a little extra shopping time.