If you’re like any woman in society, you will do anything to preserve your looks. It doesn’t matter what it takes, you want that age of flawless skin without wrinkles and thick flowing damage free hair to be frozen in time. Even if it means spending hundreds of dollars on beauty products that may or may not work for you.
Instead of spending all that money, why don’t you just use the old-fashion remedies that are found right in your home. These old tricks were thrown out decades ago, however it’s time to wipe off that dust and revive these tricks.




Instead of using shampoo to wash your hair, mix eggs and mayonnaise together and apply the mixture in your hair, let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse completely. This will give you shinier and healthier hair. Regular shampoo tends to strip your hair of its moisture and nutrients, because people have the belief that the more the suds the cleaner the hair. The suds is the sulfate that causes the damage to your hair.

If you want to keep the wrinkles or crow’s feet away, try placing sliced cucumbers over your eyes. In fact, add a few slices of cucumbers in your water instead of a lemon. Cucumbers have an antioxidant that is good for promoting a healthier skin. In fact, you can make your own face mask with cucumbers and avocados. These two items have been known to help remove dead skin cells by removing the toxins from your face.


Vinegar is used in many different ways to help you keep that young looking skin that people envy. Drinking a cap of apple-cider vinegar allows you to clean the toxins and flush your system. Vinegar also helps when put in your hair dye. It keeps the color infused in your hair longer and stronger. The acids from the vinegar are like a shine booster for your hair.

These are age old secrets that some still practice. These are the women that you see with the silky hair and that radiant complexion on their face. Put away your money and try these secrets out for a couple of weeks. These are the same little tricks that are used in the spas today. You will be amazed at the results that you will find. If you’re not happy then you can resort back to your old way of wasting money to get the same end result. Follow Beauty Shakura For More Great Tips!