The Neato VX-11 is a quick and efficient way to clean all types of floors, including carpet, tile, hardwood or a combination thereof. This powerful vacuum cleaner may be programmed for use while one is away from home, or it may be used while attending to other chores, or while relaxing after a long day at work.

Even if this is one’s first experience with a robotic cleaner, it is very easy to set up, as there is very little preparation involved before use. To charge the unit, start by plugging the Neato VX-11’s base into an electrical outlet, and then manually setting the unit up against its base. After the first use, the Neato will always cleverly return itself to its base after each cleaning.

A green light will appear once the Neato is fully charged, which takes two or three hours after it is first plugged in. Once charged, the unit will light up prompting the user to set the date, time and language. One may choose from English, Dutch, Spanish or French. From that point on, cleaning is a breeze. Just hit the start button and the Neato goes to work, first by cleaning the perimeter of the room and then by systematically cleaning interior portions until the entire area has been cleaned.

Alternatively, the Neato may be programmed to spot clean an area, such as a rug or a smaller portion of a larger room; or one may use magnetic tape (included) to set unique boundaries, for example when cleaning areas containing doorways and stairwells.

In order to get the maximum results from any robotic cleaner, small items and hanging cords and curtains need to be removed from the floor, as these items may become tangled in the roller brushes. Also, the Neato must never come into contact with water, so be sure pet dishes are removed before hitting the start button.

Neato XV-11 finds its way home through a maze


After one use, all who use the Neato will be amazed at how thorough and efficient it is to vacuum floors by using a robotic cleaner!

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