Facebook stores are raking in the profits. They grew by a whopping 267 percent in the last quarter of 2012. Facebook is spawning F-commerce. The site itself has earned millions of revenue from e-commerce in the form of the new gift giving option, and the ads on the site.

F-commerce is the future of online stores (Facebook Commerce: How You Can Get Started). Brands and products have taken to social networking just as we all have. This social platform allows open communication between consumers and products. Fanpages, business pages, almost every business or product has a presence.

Software developers have developed Facebook online store applications that can be securely hosted on the site. To be profitable, a Facebook store platform needs to work well with the entire site script. It needs to be easy to use and customize, and of course share socially. The application must also offer secure payment processing.

The Facebook online store application available at www.instapps.com meets these criteria, and more. This F-commerce store is secure, customizable and easy to use. Product information, including photos, the ability to track inventory, secure payment processors, customer retention and more information is securely stored in one easy to use store application.

Signup is an easy process, just a few clicks, enter personal details and the application is ready to go. The rest of the set up includes GEO targeting, shipping and tax options are also available.

Once store options are set, adding products is a smooth process. Customize with your description and photo. The on Fanpage store looks great on Facebook. The custom layout and color options blend right in with the page. Sharing with your friends’ list is built in. The payment process is secure and reliable.

The Facebook online store hosted by www.instapps.com has the right tools for selling products on this social networking giant.