Just recently, we had to find a professional to do the floor installation for our house. My mother has always dreamed of living in a house made of wood, complete with furniture and flooring made of wood as well. She came home a week ago from a 2-month vacation in America and upon seeing the laminated floor installation of our house, she was not impressed. She said if she had to pay again, she will. So we looked for a professional who could do hardwood flooring installation. It was hard looking for one who could meet the standards of my mother. She is quite strict when it comes to the improvements in our house.

We got professionals from Hengwood to do redo the flooring in our home. I observed that they do their jobs with passion and confidence. They were very approachable and nice to talk to. They even welcomed the queries and suggestions of my mother. The company was the one who provided the needed materials and we just paid them at a very affordable price. After a week of hard work, our floor was installed successfully in accordance to what my mother desired. She was impressed and contented with the wooden flooring in our house. Did you know what is Parquet Flooring? Find out here