As we age, we sometimes encounter eye problems; problems such as our eyes itching, feeling blurred or just feeling tired. These kinds of eye problems are often temporary and go away without any kind of treatment; however, eye problems that come on suddenly and last for awhile, should be evaluated by your eye physician.

Eye twitching is a common eye problem and is sometimes associated with drinking too much caffeine, being under stress, feeling tired or suffering from panic disorder. Itchy eyes are annoying and can be uncomfortable. Itchy eyes can be caused by having a pink eye, having an allergy or by having a dry eye syndrome. Floaters or spots in one’s vision are sometimes caused by being diabetic, having a retinal detachment or from having a stroke.

Burry vision is when you can’t see clearly object in front of you and can come from several health conditions such as being nearsighted, having cataracts, being farsighted, by having a dry eye syndrome or by suffering from a migraine headache.

Glaucoma is an eye disease where fluid pressure inside the eye increases. If glaucoma is not treated early, a person may lose their vision or become blind. Sometimes glaucoma can be treated by lowering the pressure of the fluid by decreasing the production of the fluid in the eye. Often, this can be accomplished with medication.

Double vision is another problem that can occur with the eyes. Double vision can be caused by problems in the cornea, problems with the lens of the eyes or muscle problems, nerve problems, and problems in the brain. It is an eye condition that should be evaluated by an eye care physician.

Double vision occurs when the eyes don’t work as a team.


Macular Degeneration is another eye problem that can occur; especially for those who are over the age of 60. This eye problem happens when the center part of the retina deteriorates. This kind of eye disease occurs as a person gets older. This eye disease will not result in blindness but it does disable a person’s vision considerably.

Another eye concern is diabetic retinopathy. This is when there is damage to the retina and brought on by complications of diabetes and can lead to blindness. Retinal detachment is when the retina peels away from its main support tissue. If treatment is not given quickly, the retina may detach and that can lead to blindness or loss of vision. Discover more eye diseases and how to practice proper eye care.

This video describes the aging Retina and how it evolves into Macular Degeneration.