Online chatting? Old  news. Online dating? Nothing new anymore. Online gaming? Been there, done that. Online gambling? Let’s get the ball (or dice) rolling! As the internet functions grow wider, there seems to be nothing that you can’t do online. A click of the mouse allows you access to various kinds of gambling sites, and you don’t even have to show your face or dress the part. Unfortunately though, if you’re in Thailand, online gambling is something you probably want to avoid.

Thailand’s 70 year-old law is strictly against online gambling; even their offline gambling has high limitations where only horse racing and the national lottery are legal. However, online wagers have become very popular especially among the younger generations even though the punishments may be uncompromising. If caught gambling, you may find yourself fined or even imprisoned up to a 12 months period. Illegal gambling operators will be prosecuted and their assets will be frozen.  

While Thailand disallows any form of online gambling like online casino, online poker or sports betting, whether it is through a local or international site, many gamblers are still able to play at foreign-hosted gambling sites. This is usually because there are less prevention to the access of foreign sites, even though the government does try to block as many sites as they can. Thailand also has little jurisdiction when it comes to sites hosted in other countries, so they may have limited power to stop or prevent gamblers from Thailand from going into those sites.

That said, there are also plenty of sites who may not accept players from Thailand due to the laws and high fraud incidents in the country. You’ve been forewarned!