Myopia, short-sightedness or nearsightedness, as this eye condition is typically called, is a condition in the eyes that causes him or her to have blurred or fuzzy distant vision, however the person can view close up objects clearly.
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The person who has been diagnosed with myopia be able to read a book comfortably. When that person tries to focus on distance, everything will appear fuzzy. Myopia occurs because the person’s eye lenses have too much of a curve and when light enters the eye it does not focus naturally. Myopia management is possible.

What Causes Myopia?
His or her eye care specialist will have to give them the diagnosis that they indeed have myopia. When he or she develops this in their years as a child Myopia, it will progressively become worse as they age, until about 20 years.
. Adults can also acquire myopia
. chronic diseases,such as: diabetes, stree, years of close work
. Heredity
. chronic disease processes such as diabetes, stress, or years of close work

Different Types of Myopia?
. Night Myopia
. Pseudo Myopia: Tired eyes syndrome; over-use of vision; temporary and brief; constant problems can become permanent
. Simple Myopia
. Degenerative Myopia
. Induced Myopia

How is Myopia Diagnosed?
. Eye dilation drops may be used prior to testing
. Distant vision charts
. Variety of lenses put onto the eyes in order to determine the correction type where the person has the clearest vision

Myopia can be low or medium, as well as high Myopia. High myopia increases risk for glaucoma, retinal detachments, and floaters.

Myopia Treatment Method:
. Corrective eyeglass lenses
. Stiff Contact lens that will help to reshape the person’s lens
. Specific eye exercises

Another treatment that has become very popular over the recent years, is laser (Lasik) surgery. The results are generally very good, to really no changes noted. Lens implants may be recommended to correct short-sightedness. Many people find that they do not have to wear glasses at all after new lens implants are done. Since no person is the same short-sightedness treatment methods will vary among individuals.

Myopia Management
Even though someone has Myopia they can be aware of the steps they must take in the Myopia management of how they use their vision. If they work on the computer all day, do close up work that has a tendency to strain the eyes, or read a lot, these can help this progress. Short-sightedness management is and has been effective for many people. This is up to the person and what their doctor feels is the best for them, in order to assure quality of life.

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