My eyesight was always 20/20 and I guess I did take it for granted that it would stay really good. Around my mid forties is when I had to hold things a little farther away in order to read them. Not a big problem, except for my arm occasionally giving out. Until my mid fifties, it didn’t bother me that my vision was noticeably changing.

Eventually the day came when it DID bother me. How humiliating to have to get down on my hands and knees at the grocery store, just to read a soup can label! A lot of grocery items were suddenly stored on the bottom shelves, or so it seemed. That was what sparked the thought of getting LASIK surgery for myself.

Fast forward one year and you’ll now find me maintaining my dignity as I shop once again. Easier than I’d expected, but there are a few required steps to take right after this state-of-the-art blessing is completed. Let me highlight the main ones for you.

Right after my operation, the slight pain wasn’t bad. A couple over-the-counter pain relief tablets the first day were all I wanted. Some people may be more sensitive though, and will feel a slight tingling itch or even a mild burning sensation. My eyes watered a little during the first two days post-op. When I felt like wiping my eyes, I remembered the importance of not touching them for the first three days. No make-up, and especially no physical activity where you run the risk of your face getting hit. Contact sports during the first month after surgery is a BIG no-no!

Your eye doctor will want to see you for a postoperative eye exam within the first day or two. My employer let me take off a week since I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I probably could have done okay with only 3 days off from work. Another thing to remember is not to go swimming or use hot-tubs for a good month so nothing harmful gets in your eyes. That was easy for me because I rarely do either one anyway.

Some eye-drops to prevent infection were the only thing my doctor gave me to use, until my LASIK eye surgery was healed. They told me to expect my vision to change during the initial 3 months, and possibly take up to 6 months to stabilize. For those who experience post-op glare or halos around light sources, these are LASIK side effects that may extend beyond the six month adjustment period. But for gaining back most of my vision, I’d do it all over again.