Singapore is becoming the destination of choice for more and more travelers and expatriates. Because of the nation’s fast growing economy, many people are now thinking about settling in Singapore, either for an extended period or permanently. For anyone considering a move to this diverse and exciting country, it’s essential to learn about the different neighborhoods and where you are planning to live and work.




Popular Neighborhoods in Singapore

Beautiful SingaporeSingapore is a large and diverse place, with many distinctive areas. Let’s look at some of the most popular areas for people who are going to be living and working here for any length of time.

  • East Coast – This is an area of the city that is popular due to the availability of modern and spacious condominiums. It also has the advantage of being close to Changi Airport, which is convenient for people who travel frequently on business. The East Coast has several busy neighborhoods, including Tampines, Bedok and Siglap. They are popular with younger and especially Western expats because of the diversity of clubs, restaurants and cafes.


  • Central Business District (CBD) -Singapore’s CBD is also known as the Central Area. This is the place to live if you’d like to have an office tower right next door to your own building. The CBD is actually a large area that contains eleven distinct neighborhoods, known as urban planning areas. These are busy and dense areas, full of skyscrapers and other buildings dedicated to business. For anyone with a job in this area, a condo in CBD Singapore (see DUO Singapore) would be extremely convenient.


  • Robertson Quay – This neighborhood, which is right by the Singapore River, is popular with tourists as well as expats, due to its proximity to the CBD as well as for its large selection of shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and nightlife. It also offers convenient public transportation, as it’s near several MRT and bus stations.


  • Katong -This is another neighborhood that many expats find attractive, though it also has a strong local and traditional flavor, with plenty of shops, stalls and karaoke bars. It’s also close to a couple of major shopping areas, Eastpoint Mall and Parkway Parade.


Finding the Right Place to Live in Singapore

The above are only a few of the neighborhoods that are convenient for people who want to live and work in Singapore. If you will be getting a job in Singapore, you naturally will want to find an area that’s convenient. Whether you will be walking, driving or taking public transportation to work is another factor to consider. All in all, Singapore offers an amazing diversity of choices when it comes to finding the ideal place to live.