In the game of MapleStory 2, the focus is on the Lapenta, which is a power that sealed away a great evil from long ago. Your heroic task will be to protect the Lapenta, to keep the evil away from Maple World. The game features a robust character creation system, and you can change facial markings, eye color, hair color, skin color and clothing. You receive a wide selection of choices for each characteristic. Right now, you can have five characters total, and the names can be between three to 12 letters.

What Changed?

The UI has changed a little from the first MapleStory. For example, you have no giant information bar at the bottom of your screen, and while you still have a great deal of stuff there, you can see the world behind it. To the left of the UI, you will see a chat screen. When chatting, the text will be coloured differently for each chat, and you can create a specific chat room for people to join.

MP No Longer Exists

In Maplestory 2, MP has been replaced with SP, which will be at 100 for everyone, and it never increases. While many skills can consume the SP, it will still regenerate with some so that you can combine skills with fighting more easily. If you want to use your action skills, EP is the hotkey that you want to click on. EP has been largely designed for movement skills, and EP will heal much faster than what SP or HP can do.


Quests System: How It Changed

The quest window will look different from what it did before. In the past, it had been separated by areas, but now they have been grouped into quest lines. You can also see the completed quests and any current quest in the quest line. If you struggle to complete a quest, you can open quest helper, which is located on the right side of the screen. When a quest has been entirely completed, it will be sent to the second tab.


The Skill System: How It Works

This game operates differently with the skills, and you will only have access to two skills at level 10. As you level up, however, you will have access to more skills, and they will be separated into three different categories:

  • Action: These Are Movement Skills That Use EP
  • Passive: These Skills Give You a Passive Bonus
  • Active: An Active Skill Uses SP and Buff Skills, and They are Attacking Skills

SP is short for Stamina, and it can be used for active skills. It will replenish slowly over time. EP, on the other hand, is a white bar beneath your SP and HP. EP regenerates much faster than SP or HP, and you can use it for teleporting, dashing and other skills, such as flying. In the second MapleStory, it takes place long before the time of the first one, and it includes many of the same cities found in the first game: Perion, Ellinia, Henesys, Kerning City and Ant Tunnel.