If you want to send a beautiful gift to a friend or loved one, flowers are usually the answer. A fresh flower delivery in the form of a bouquet or flowers in a basket are a wonderful way to tell a family member that you’re proud of his/her recent accomplishment, congratulate him/her on the birth of a new baby, or are thinking of him/her during a difficult time. The floral gift will be even more special if you choose blooms that will last for a longer period of time. These flowers are among the best choices.





These flowers are elegant and delicate, and are available in a number of colours, including red, purple, orange and pink. There are lots of flower heads on one alstromeria stem. The flowers grow from spring till autumn, and the English-grown version of these blooms have especially large heads. A bouquet of these flowers will last for up to two weeks; if the flowers are cared for properly, they may last for three weeks.






There are lots of carnation colours to choose from, so you can ask the florist to put together a combination of: red flowers, which sympbolise romantic love; white carnations, which indicate the purity of a fulfilling relationship; and yellow blooms, which indicate the closeness of friendship. Carnations are also affordable flowers and will last in a vase for about two weeks.







If you’re sending a flower arrangement to a loved one who loves gardening or is familiar with exotic flowers, consider purchasing proteas. These plants have a fascinating look and range in size from flowers that are the size of a pin cushion to proteas that are the size of a small ottoman. The pointy petals feel like velvet to the touch, and the heads of the plants can be as large as 25 centimetres across. The flowers dry out slowly, so they’ll likely maintain their colour and integrity for about three weeks, sometimes longer.






These flowers also grow in an array of vibrant shades. Spray chrysanthemums have lots of small heads, and blooms that display one large head. The centre of the flowers is usually a greenish yellow, and petals can be bright hues of orange, yellow, purple, red and white. This flower is appropriate to give if you are celebrating an achievement with the recipient; in Japanese culture, a petal from a chrysanthemum represents a long and healthy life. The plant is also a Japanese symbol of the sun.


Chrysanthemums Pot


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