Melaka is a mishmash of old-age traditions and modernization. With a great deal of points of interests, this Historic state is one big haven for people seeking a new life in Malaysia, and those who wish to wind down. You’ll never miss out on what to do and you’ll be amazed by the warmth of the people here. But talking about new beginnings, is Melaka also an ideal place to make a living? To answer that question, we listed down 3 of the best places in Melaka for aspirants. If you’re among those who search for jobs in Melaka or simply want to know how’s life in the state, this post will be of great help.

  1. Klebang– this small town, located along the Melaka strait is quite popular among expats. There are only a few tourist attractions here, but you will find the serene and safe living environment inviting. If you’re not after condo-living, you can find detached houses in the town. There are a lot of establishments like shopping malls, banks, and eateries where you could apply for work.In Klebang there are a lot of establishments where you could apply for work in Melaka
  2. Ayer Keroh– this town boasts a pretty number of tourist spots. It’s also a home to some of the good schools and public health offices in Malaysia. If your career is close to nature, Ayer Keroh is the best place to seek a job, as it has a multitude of botanical gardens, zoos, and planetariums. It serves as an entry point to the North-South expressway, so traveling here will not be that much of a hassle.If your career is close to nature, Ayer Keroh is the best place to seek a job vacancy in Melaka
  3. Melaka City– lastly, why go far when almost everything that you need is right in the capital city of Melaka? If your job is heavily based on traveling or globetrotting, this is the place to go, as its economy is largely based on tourism. You don’t have to worry about lodging, because it’s where you can find budget hotels and affordable rents. Plus, the many lists of tourist attractions is a bonus if you want to relax on your spare time.If your job is based on traveling or globetrotting, Melaka City is the place that you should find a job here

As a jobseeker with a limited budget, these three towns in Melaka offers a wide range of hotels and houses. When you search for jobs in Melaka, it’s best to observe a certain place first, before deciding to live there and earn a living. There’s always the right spot in Melaka that will surely cater to your needs and wants. It has a lot to offer and it’s just up to you if you need a town near party places, or quiet areas. Just list down all the pros and cons of living in a certain area, so you could gauge whether it is the perfect place or not. As one of the tourist-heavy states in Malaysia, expect Melaka’s economy to boom in the years to come. When the economy is booming, you’ll never worry about landing your nine-to-five.