Singapore is a country that draws in visitors and business men and women from around the world. The recent strengthening of the Singapore dollar has caused the price of living to become higher than average across the globe. The cost of housing, transportation and other basic living expenses is slightly higher than it was just a few years ago.





Housing Costs

The cost of housing can vary depending on the type of apartment or home that is rented. Renting a basic two bedroom apartment can cost anywhere from $2,000 monthly and up. Many Americans living in Singapore for work opt to live in a condominium that features extras such as swimming pool or tennis courts.

The cost of renting a condo is usually more than renting a basic apartment, with prices averaging around $3,000 monthly, and up, for condos in the city. The cost of accommodations will vary depending on the region where the rental unit is located. Some apartments in the city are as low as $1,500 but the same type of rental unit can be found in the city outskirts for around $800, or around .


Singapore Seascape

Singapore Seascape


The Fish House Singapore

The Fish House Singapore




Utilities may be included in the price of a rental unit, but in some areas renters will need to pay some or all the costs of utilities such as water and electric. The average cost of electricity and water can range from $300 to $500 per month, in Singapore dollars, for a basic three bedroom apartment. The costs can vary in larger apartments and when electricity is used more frequently, such as when an air conditioner is running around the clock. Basic telephone and wireless internet cost around $150 monthly.



Public transportation in Singapore is relatively inexpensive. A bus ticket, for example, is priced based on the distance traveled and allows travelers to put cash on a special card that is used to pay bus fares as needed. Preloading a bus fare card for traveling to work within the city can cost less than $150 monthly. The cost of a taxi can add up rather quickly. A half-hour taxi ride per day can cost as much as $500 monthly. The cost of owning a car is very expensive as the country is encouraging citizens and guests to rely on public transit whenever possible to reduce pollution and road congestion within the country. offers comprehensive singapore public transports route and schedule that ease everyone in commuting offers comprehensive singapore public transports route and schedule that ease everyone in commuting



Food Costs

Food costs in Singapore are comparable to the costs of groceries in the United States. A loaf of bread, for instance, is typically around $1.60 in United States dollars and an inexpensive meal at a café is around $8 American dollars for one person. Shopping at local markets is one way to reduce the costs of food for those who find work in Singapore and wish to move to the region. Get a nice job in Singapore @RecruitPlus


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