korean-faceDo you know what our ancestors used to tone and perfect their complexions? They used ingredients from their home kitchens. Do you know what yeast does besides raise bread dough and keep biologic balance in septic systems? Think about how yeast affects the foregoing examples.
glowUsing Basics as Step Forward
Yeast is naturally fortified Vitamin B, which supports and increases metabolism and maintains healthy skin and complexion. Today’s dermatologists and researchers confirm the virtues of fermented yeast extract as an excellent ingredient for skin products. Fermented extract from fission yeast has a similar structure to the multiplication of human cells and this fermented yeast extract is super skin-friendly with similar elements of NMF Natural Moisturizing Factor, to help rejuvenate foundation of skin through moisturizing, firming, and balancing.

Fermented Yeast Concentrate absorbs into skin immediately, energizing the skin. That is why it is the No. 1 ingredient recommended in skin harmony treatment. Such treatment is intense and it is advised to test it first on a small area to ensure there is no allergic reaction. This skin ritual is recommended for young women aged 29 up. Mid-life and older women find this skin care ritual also rejuvenates vitality to their skin and protects DNA from aging due to UV. In fact, miracle lotion actually promotes restoration of damaged DNA.

Hada-Labo-SkincarePopular Acclaim is Best Advertising
The Korean skin care product is especially beneficial to oily complexions and one reviewer claimed it cured her eczema rashes and flakes, while another suggested it is made of miraculous fairy dust. Giving your skin harmony lessens any fine lines and improves skin tone immensely. Paying attention to your ritual hydrates rejuvenates and restores, resulting in a really glowing, youthful complexion.

Hada labo which translates “skin lab”, helping women reclaim complexion harmony, is the talk of the town in Korea and Japan, and is making itself known and in demand wherever there is Southeast Asian influence. It is the nature of Southeast Asian women to want to be uniquely beautiful, and once achieved, it is also the feminine nature to spread the news of such a beneficial product.

Ingredients of Missha First Treatment Essence include:
• 80% Fermented Yeast Concentrate
• Niacinamide for skin elasticity, barrier function and rejuvenation
• DN-Aid created from Cassia-Alata Extract for rejuvenation and protection from aging and restores DNA previously damaged.
• Numerous leaf, stem and root extracts scientifically proven to promote the healing and rejuvenation effects, all providing acceleration and a catalyst to the treatment itself.

2D274905752140-toner-skin-care.today-inline-largeUse First and Foremost
The products should be applied over any toner used, expediting the toner as the treatment works. However, be certain to apply before applying any PH sun protection and other products. This is the beginning to your New Harmony ritual and if you follow it closely you will be well rewarded with beautiful skin. Many users have declared their treated and improved complexion skin is now actually clearer and firmer than when they were younger.