Miri, Malaysia is a good place to find jobs for newly grads. The companies here are diverse—ranging from industrial and agricultural operations all the way to aviation and hospitality. But the challenge is how to get your CV noticed by busy hiring managers and recruitment specialists. Here are some ways on how to improve you CV and land a job in Miri.


CV Improvement Tips for Fresh Graduates

Looking for a job vacancy in Miri can be more challenging if you’re a fresh graduate. Unlike other job seekers, you don’t have a tight list of past employments yet that can prove your work experience. The challenge is to be able to market your skills effectively.

Your CV shouldn’t look like a hodgepodge of information that you think will help you land a job. There’s a science to writing effective resumes. These tips can help you improve your CV and increase your chances of getting interviews from companies in Miri, Malaysia.

  • Swap “Objective” With A Summary – Many CVs start with the applicant’s objective. These can vary in length but they show the same content: what the job seeker wants from the company he or she is applying to. And honesty, many organizations don’t care what you want from them. Rather, they care what they can get from investing in you as one of their employees should you land a job with one of the companies in Miri. So instead of sharing your innermost desires for your career, give a summary of what you can provide the company, namely, your skills and expertise.
  • Highlight Internships –  If you’ve taken internships, especially if these companies are based in Miri, make sure you highlight them in your CV. This will show potential employers and recruitment specialists that you are proactive in searching for career opportunities. It will also show that you have an experience working in a corporate setting even as an intern.
  • Optimize Gap Years-  Use gap years to your advantage by indicating the soft skills you’ve learned. For instance, if you underwent voluntary work overseas or worked at a family-owned enterprise or a multinational in Miri, list the skills you’ve developed such as flexibility, resilience and even working with a culturally diverse group of people. Highlight any projects you worked on as well as organizations you worked with.
  • Include Academic Achievements And Completed Trainings – This is not the place to be shy about your achievements. Include any awards or accolade you received in academics in your CV. Moreover, list down all the training you completed and relevant seminars you went to. These are important to employers and recruitment agencies in Miri so they can gauge your skills and key competencies outside of your academic achievements. Fresh graduates looking for jobs in Miri should never undermine the value of training and academic achievements.
  • Highlight Any Ongoing Trainings – Including any ongoing course training you’re taking online or offline can show recruiters that you are proactive in improving your skills. The continuous learning could help give you an edge from other job seekers in Miri. Even if it’s just a short, online course in graphic design or feature writing, add them to your CV.
  • Make Your Contact Details Pop-  Your email address, contact numbers, portfolio links and other relevant information should be placed right under your name. Keep them on top so that busy hiring managers in Miri can easily refer to them and reach you without going through your entire resume.

Improving your CV’s “skim-ability” also helps in ensuring hiring specialists get the information they need in less time. You can do this by writing shorter, simpler paragraphs and adding white spaces between each one. Subheads are also great when breaking down longer sections in your CV.


Get Hired Today!

We hope that these simple CV tricks can help you land an interview and employment in Miri, Malaysia. As you move forward, resume improvement changes along with new trends and your level of expertise. For new graduates, what’s important is that you highlight any relevant training and skills you learned that could be improved on. Happy job hunting!

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