The smartphones have become quite valuable tools for keeping up with children. So many parents have become more receptive to buying these phones for their kids because they can track them.

GPS tracking has become one of the most common ways for parents to keep up with their children in real time. There are lots of great apps for recording everything from data usage to phone location. Accutracking is the perfect app for people that have an Android. There are lots of free apps like Open GPS Tracker and GPS Tracking by Life 360.

Android – Open GPS Tracker

Hands on with the Life360 app for Android


There are also some apps designed for the iPhone as well. People know that the iPhone has been around for a while. The GPS tracker for kids that most parents like is the GPS-R. This app is something that helps parents find out where their kids are going. It even helps parents know when their children are near certain spots. (Info Source: A Guide To Tracking Your Children’s Whereabouts)

Some people are more interested in this asset tracking. Others may be interested in tracking mileage. There are free and premium apps for all of this. The great thing about this is that most of these apps only have to be set up on the phone once. People don’t have to access the app every time that they use the phone. Most of these apps actually allow people to go to a website. They can track a phone that their children may be using even if the parent does not have the phone.

There are some car tracker apps that have also helped people find their cars with ease. There are apps like Find My Car that allow people to enter their current destination when they park the car. When they come back to a garage filled with cars it is easy to find the vehicle because they can use the original destination from the app.

The smartphone industry has become a lot more popular now that people have access to navigation apps. This is the new way for people to track phones that are lost or stolen. This has become one of the best ways to track family members that may not be answering their phones. Lots of police departments are even inquiring about GPS tracking apps in order to resolve missing people cases. People that want to do this simply need to search for real-time apps. This has tremendously increased safety measures for parents worldwide.