It’s time to start packing for your family vacation. The family can look forward to seven whole days of splashing in the waves, tanning on the beach and watching the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. However, you must plan and coordinate everything now so that your beach vacation will be a relaxing one that is organized and clutter free. As a mother, you don’t want to spend valuable vacation time picking up after your husband and children.

Most importantly, consider the amount of clothing that everyone in your family takes to the beach. Pack accordingly because you’ve learned from previous family vacations that everyone packed too many clothes for just a short amount of time away. Half of the packed clothes were never worn.

This means that you could have taken fewer pieces of luggage. As a result, there would have been more living space in your hotel room. If you are like most families, you are always looking for vacation bargains. Unfortunately, the space in most economy hotels is very limited. So, learn to pack accordingly. There are plenty of travel books (go NoQstore buy one now!) that have great information about packing for all different types of travel. For your next family vacation, pack fewer items. The following travel packing tips can help:


  • Limit the amount of clothing that each family member packs. Keep in mind that most beach environments are very laid back. Your family probably won’t have to wear semi-formal or formal wear too many times during your vacation. Each family member should pack about two or three items of swimwear, one or two tee shirts and one or two pair of shorts. Each member of the family might also want to pack one or two collared shirts or sundresses for dinner. Anything extra is probably a waste of needed space.
  • Limit the amount of shoes that each family member packs. You don’t need a different shoe for each night when the family is restaurant dining. Each family member should pack one pair of beach shoes and another pair to wear out to dinner each night. It is easy to find replacements if they are ever torn or lost. Purchase them at local bargain stores or souvenir shops.
  • Book a room with a hotel that has laundry facilities.┬áThis one action will save you plenty of space and time. Also, remember to pack a plastic laundry bag that can store all of your dirty and wet clothes for the week. Instead of packing six or seven days of swimwear and clothing, you can cut this amount down by laundering your clothes during the middle of the week.


It might seem like an inconvenience, but there won’t be as many wet and stinky clothes thrown all over the room. Also, booking a hotel that has a laundry room allows you to pack fewer clothes. Basically, you can wear the same things again if they are freshly laundered.

All in all, make sure that your family time at the beach is fun, relaxing and memorable. Oftentimes, budget travel means paying for hotel rooms that have less space. Pack lightly so that even a hotel room with less space will remain tidy and organized. Why spend your vacation tripping and stepping over unnecessary luggage when you don’t have to? Learn how to pack lightly, and have fun at the beach.


Your Family Vacation Plan Infographic