Writing in of itself is a great talent to have especially when you have an edgy and interesting story to tell. I would advise someone to have a great work ethic, good writing, and some connections to help get your footsteps in the door.

One thing I would recommend is a college degree particularly in the realm of Journalism. Also, I would have a minor or something in Sports Marketing, Sports Administration and Photography. This way you not only have your foot in the door in the realm of writing, but you have experience with telling the story as well as knowing the ins and outs of the Sports Business. You never know if one job could lead to another and this is a great time period to have multiple hats because it only opens up your opportunity. You can start to do photography work while you’re in school as well as get some help from photography companies that hire you. 

Also, I would start to find out different jobs in the area of my field. There are great opportunities to do internships with different newspapers and companies. Although, you might not get paid for the work, a lot of the time experience will get you the job. I would learn everything I need to know from editing, writing process, topics, photography, how to put together a story, and much more. With this real time work experience, you’ll be sure to get some kind of writing job because a degree and experience definitely trumps having only one of the two. 

I would definitely find ways to beef up my resume by not only finding work within my sector but doing other things. There is a lot of opportunity online and offline to do freelance work for different clients. You can use this to help beef up your resume as well as show the writing experience from some of your work. Telling is one thing, but showing your work puts you on another level. I would show my asset to the company through the great work I provide so I can also get references to other places of employment.

Lastly, I would keep up with Sports. Why try getting a career in Sports Writing without keeping up with the particular field? Being able to talk Sports will get my foot in the other door with other things such as doing interviews with players. Try and educate yourself as much as possible on sports history, technicalities, sports sponsorships and your favorite sport in general.