A recent study by specialist recruiter Robert Half found that 57 percent of businesses in Singapore have employees who appear to be going through the daily tasks but are actually disengaged throughout the work day.

The number of the so-called “the working dead” are twice more likely to be found in medium and large corporations. Researchers also found that 68 percent of these bigger organizations said they do have this kind of disengaged workers while only 32 percent of small businesses said the same.

Disengagement impacts both business operations and growth. This is why setting goals to improve engagement rates within the company is crucial. Here are some ways on how to increase employee engagement in your organization.1

  • Get the senior management to become engagement ambassadors. If you want to improve engagement rates, you have to start at the top. When employees see their leaders participating in events or showing great leadership skills, they become more empowered to add value to the work they do. In other words, the managers should be the best examples of the desired employee behaviors.2
  • Practice trust-building. When employees are trusted with sensitive information or bigger goals and projects, they become more invested in the company. It also makes them feel that the company is devoting time and money for them and their future with the organization. Ergo, it builds trust from both sides.3
  • Create a culture of gratitude. Gratitude comes in many forms. In fact, even a simple “thank you” can leave a huge mark on people. Gratitude encourages people to keep doing the great work that they do. Building a culture of appreciation in the workplace can lead to higher engagement rates. It could be as simple as asking managers to routinely send thank you emails to the team or taking them out to lunch once a month.4
  • Involve the employees in planning. Yes, HR professionals are also company employees but chances are, each department has their own idea on how to supercharge the workforce. Employee engagement plans with HR teams and representatives from each department end up being more effective because inputs from both sides are taken into consideration.

What’s The Secret To High Employee Engagement?

There’s really no secret. If you want to have happy employees, ask them what they want or need and provide it to them to the best of your abilities. If ever there is one secret, it would probably be open communication. If you look at the tips above, what makes each tip effective is its ability to create a conversation between the leaders and the employees. Maintaining high engagement rates is a top priority for HR teams. So create that conversation today.