Most people who first start riding a bicycle are just wearing normal clothes. It is not usually until later when the realisation comes that professional cyclists are wearing very specialised outfits and accessories. Each piece of that cycling outfit has a very specific purpose. You should know how to dress like a pro the next time you go cycling.

dress like a pro cyclist


Helmet and Protective Pads

wear your helmet
The most important thing you need to wear when cycling in Malaysia is a helmet. Every professional wears a helmet. A properly fitted helmet with a chinstrap, safety certification and extra interior padding is going to protect you in the event of an accident. It can mean the difference between walking away with just a few bruises and receiving a serious brain injury. If you are at risk of falling regularly, then you might want to wear elbow pads and kneepads as well.

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Tight and Breathable Shirts and Shorts

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The shirt and shorts you wear will make a large difference when cycling. You need to wear tight-fitting clothes made from breathable fabrics. The tightness of the clothes will prevent them from becoming hooked or caught on the various parts of the bike. The breathable fabrics will keep you cool and allow air to circulate across your skin. The best option is to buy a selection of bright cycling jerseys in Malaysia along with matching shorts. The bright colours make you more visible on the road.


Comfortable Cycling Gloves

cycling gloveYou are going to be using your hands almost constantly while riding a bike. If you are not careful, then you could easily develop painful callouses, sores or chaffed areas. The pros wear cycling gloves to prevent this. A good pair of cycling gloves will fit snugly. They will have padding around the heels of your palms. Most have open fingers so that you stay cool and have no obstacles blocking control of the brakes or gears. Always wear a pair of padded cycling gloves when riding your bike in Malaysia.


Cycling Shoes and Socks

Cycling shoes and socks are two of the best investments that you will make beyond lightweight jerseys and a helmet. Cycling socks are designed to help wick away perspiration. They are short and rise up just to the ankle. This stops the socks from becoming caught in the chain or gears. Cycling shoes have special soles that either lock onto the pedals or grip the pedals securely. Cycling shoes will ensure that your feet do not slip off the pedals while cycling. They are also very light.

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Quality Sunglasses

The final thing that you should be wearing to cycle like a pro is a pair of quality sunglasses. The sun in Malaysia can become bright and harsh. The glare and other factors can make it difficult to see the road or simple obstacles ahead of you. You want a pair of good sunglasses that wrap around your head and do not block your vision. They should protect against ultraviolet light as well. You are safer wearing sunglasses when cycling.


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Cycling clothes and accessories are not just aesthetic. They are designed to make you more comfortable and safer while riding a bicycle. So, get your road bike along with the right accessories, and dress like the pros to improve your experience the next time you go cycling.