Tough and busy day at business office

Managing a small, static office can be very easy. Problems start to occur when the business begins growing fast. Your office can become a chaotic place if you are not prepared for the influx of new employees that will be coming. Here are some ways to correctly manage an office that is growing fast.

Establish a Good Orientation and Training Routine 

The first step is to establish a good orientation and training routine. You want all of the new people coming into the growing office to have the same understanding of the workplace and job. Everyone should have a solid base to start from when hired. Have an orientation that showcases all aspects of the business. Develop individual trainings for each common position to keep everyone on the same page.
Ensure Managers and Leaders Are Always Accessible 

Things can get very confusing in a busy and growing office. You want to ensure managers and leaders are always accessible. Let employees know to come to those people whenever there are questions or concerns. If you have a large number of seasonal or temporary workers, then consider assigning someone to the position of floor coach to provide constant assistance and supervision for the new employees.

Try To Give Everyone Some Privacy 

Arrange your growing office so that each employee has some level of privacy. Do not make the mistake of attempting to cram everyone into an open area where there are no dividers. This can create distractions, noise and confusion. Put up dividers so that employees can have a safe and quiet space to work.

Consider Leasing a Dynamic Space 

You need your office to grow along with your workforce. Consider leasing a dynamic space. Leasing a serviced office will allow you to expand as necessary and upgrade your accommodations. You can even rent more space as needed such as a meeting room for annual events or trainings. This will keep your employees happy while allowing your business to grow fast.

Remain Alert about Conflicts and Office Politics 

You want to get out into the office and remain aware of conflicts or politics. You want to address any conflicts that are hurting productivity before things get out of hand. You want to defuse tense situations and negate destructive office politics. You need to remain very engaged with your employees during the day to stay informed about what is going on in a growing office.

Celebrate Successes and Reward Individuals 

A final step is to celebrate success and reward individuals. A growing office can sometimes leave employees feeling left out, undervalued and ignored. You want to make certain to highlight the successes of the entire office and specific employees doing exceptional work. Give out awards or provide gifts to people for doing a good job to keep morale high and new employees motivated.

You must work diligently to maintain order, productivity and happiness in your growing office. Resolve problems fast and do not let the increase in employees or work volumes overwhelm you. You can use these tips to keep your growing office under control and efficient.