Changing the shape of your face once required extensive cosmetic surgery in Singapore. It can now be done without surgery by using special fillers injected under the skin. You can make your chin more prominent or even out irregularities using this treatment. Here is how chin fillers are applied to change the shape of your face.

Going Through a Consultation 

The process begins at an aesthetic clinic in Singapore with a brief consultation. You will be speaking with the professional who will be performing the treatment. You will work with that person to establish the changes you want made to your chin. You might have to sign some paperwork. You will be educated about the procedure and potential issues during this meeting. You can then schedule your treatment.

Getting Ready For Fillers 

You will want to take some steps to get ready for chin fillers so that the treatment goes as smoothly as possible. Start around two weeks before your appointment. Stop drinking alcohol. Do not take vitamin E supplements or use skin care products containing it. Avoid retinol A as well since it can cause bruising after the procedure. Increase your water intake and eat a good meal before going in for the treatment in Singapore.

Performing the Treatment 

Getting chin fillers in Singapore is a relatively simple and fast process. It is not like surgery. You will have some anaesthetic cream put on your chin. You will then wait for around 15 to 20 minutes for it to work. The person performing the procedure will use a syringe to inject the filler into strategic points around your chin. The injection points will be determined during the initial consultation. The procedure takes about 45 minutes although it could be shorter or longer depending on what you want done.

What Happens Afterwards 

Chin fillers are done as outpatient procedures. This means you will be allowed to go home once the treatment ends. You are likely to experience some swelling and bruising around your chin. That will last for a few days and then go away. You might have some discomfort when speaking or eating as your body adjusts to the filler. That is often treated with over the counter painkillers. It could take around two weeks for your chin to recover and look the way that you want.

Duration of the Filler 

Your chin filler will slowly degrade and be absorbed by your body. The average length of time the filler lasts for is around a year. You might want to schedule a maintenance visit to a Singapore clinic after six months. The filler could potentially last for two years if your body does not remove it too quickly. You can go back to the clinic to get another treatment when this happens.

Chin fillers offer you a simple and fast alternative to implants or cosmetic surgery. The fillers have a natural look and feel so that no one will notice you had a treatment done. You can often get chin implants done in a single afternoon and return to your normal life the next day.