Many people today are living in smaller spaces, some because they are in highly populated cities, and others because they like the affordability. We would all like to think of our home as someplace comfortable, where we can entertain guests. Too often, though, people who live in smaller dwellings think of their home only as a stopping-off point. With planning and some creativity, a small living space can be turned into a comfortable area where friends can be invited.

One area where people often feel space-challenged is in the kitchen. A conventional dining table with chairs can seem to overpower a small space, leaving little room to move around. If you are a small space dweller, you can take heart, because today there are so many ingenious options available for dining tables that work well in small spaces. See some of the best dining tables being offered for this unique niche.


Folding Tables

Considering that dining only occurs at certain hours of the day, dining tables don’t have to be stationary units. Folding tables are one good option for small spaces, because they allow you to use your space for different things at different times of the day. They are usually lightweight and easy to open and close, and can be stored in a closet until you need them. You have the choice between a common serving table or smaller single-serving folding tables for guests.




Folding Table – IKEA NORDEN Dining Table


Corner Tables

One of the secrets of creating space in a small room is to make use of under-utilized areas. One of those areas is the corner of a room. Rather than purchasing a square table, choose a table with a rounded surface, which is a better fit for an empty corner space. Bench-type seats work well with a corner table, and can be placed against adjoining walls.

A table not bigger than a wallpaper! The innovation dreamed from everyone looking for space-saving solution.The new concept folding table is based on Fastleg, a mechanism extremely compact, that totally closes on itself becoming invisible. The foldable table comes with two finishes: lacquered or laminated board.




Wall-Mounted Tables

Wall-mounted tables store flat against the wall, then flip down when you are ready to use them. Available in many designs, they can be chosen to match your room décor. For instance, one of these is creatively crafted to look like a wall mirror. It is conveniently stored in plain sight.




foldable dining table



smart drawer



Convertible or Double-Duty Tables

Another secret to creating space in a small area is to use one piece of furniture for multiple functions. Are you lacking in storage space? Try using a beautiful wood storage chest as your dining table. Other tables are available which contain built-in shelving units, or attached cabinets.


multipurple table






Convertible tables provide multiple functionality in a different way. They are hinged and can be refolded, very much like an origami design, to turn one piece of furniture into another. A coffee table refolds into a dining table, for instance.

Extender tables are another type of dining table worthy of mention. These tables are used in their compact size until extra seating is needed. A separate leaf can be added to the table to extend it for company.

When it comes to accessorizing for a small space, less is definitely more. However, there are so many new options for dining tables in small spaces, you don’t have to feel confined anymore in the space where you live.