Take Control of Your Oily Skin

If you have oily skin and find yourself envious of all of your friends who have beautifully matte complexions, you no longer have to suffer. If you pay attention to the following tips and suggestions, lovely matte skin can be in your future. Say goodbye to annoying grease and oil today, and never ever look back.



Use the Right Kind of Cleanser

Manage your oily skin woes by always using a gel cleanser to wash your face. Gel cleansers can be highly effective for getting rid of excess oil and for pore cleaning. If you’re unsure of which exact face wash to buy, don’t worry. Many gel cleansers are labeled explicitly as being for oily skin.




Steer Clear of Drying Components

Never attempt to control your oily skin situation by using skincare products that contain drying components. While these types of products can sometimes temporarily make your complexion less greasy, they can with time encourage the production of additional oil within your oil glands — the last thing you want. This is why it’s so crucial to steer 


Wearing minimal makeup can do wonders for keeping oil at bay. If you pack on layer after layer of foundation, the makeup will seep into your pores and then obstruct them. This, in turn, leads to the manufacturing of oil — no, thanks. If you want to cut down on your skin’s shine factor, keep your makeup light and subtle. Mineral powder foundations can also be great for oily-skinned people. These types of foundations quickly and efficiently absorb extra oil. Be sure to use a really good makeup remover.




Refrain From Putting Too Much Powder On

While wearing a lot of powder might seem like pure common sense for oily skin sufferers, this idea can often actually accomplish the opposite of the desired effect. If your complexion is covered in too much powder, it could force your poor pores to give off excess oil. No fun at all. Prevent that possibility from happening by applying powder exclusively onto your oiliest areas. Opt for matte translucent powders, too. These powders are wonderful for reducing shine on all kinds of skin tones.




Monitor Your Diet Carefully

If you want to make your oily complexion a thing of the past, pay close attention to the foods and beverages you put inside of your mouth. Spicy foods can widen your blood vessels and lead to perspiration. The same goes for cocktails. If you’d like to keep your skin matte and oil-free, avoid drinking more than one cocktail per night. Restrict your spicy food intake to a maximum of once per week as well, hard as it may be for you. While some foods can promote oily and greasy skin, others can do exactly the opposite. Veggies and fruits that are rich in vitamin A can decelerate the manufacture of oil. Examples include spinach, cantaloupes and carrots.


Apply a Toner Daily

Make a toner part of your daily skincare regimen. Just make sure the toner doesn’t contain any alcohol. Toners can be effective for removing debris and dirt on your skin. They can also be effective for getting rid of any excess oil. If you want to manage your sebum levels, head over to the drugstore and put a good toning product into your cart.


Have Patience

If you’re serious about attaining beautiful and matte skin, be patient. A dependable and efficient skincare regimen combined with a healthy lifestyle can get you right onto the path of gorgeous, shine-free skin. Remember, good things come to those who wait.