Do you have a goal of losing weight? If you’re demotivated by the usual method of just running more and eating less, maybe that’s because it doesn’t work.


Or maybe you’ve tried other forms of weight loss, but just couldn’t go through with the program.


To help you reach your goals, here are some tips and advice to help you achieve your ideal weight.


  1. Have A Buddy


Your road towards losing weight does not have to be a lonely journey. You can easily find classes for a weight loss program in Singapore to connect with like-minded people. Or you can find one from your circle of friends who’s always been talking about losing weight too. Having a buddy with the same goals will help each of you to motivate each other.


Alternatively, just have someone you have to be accountable to. Make it interesting by putting on a wager. Example: If you miss a workout session you’ll have to pay them a certain amount, or you’ll have to clean their house.


  1. Reduce Your Carbs


This is the most important thing to change in your diet. There’s good reason for it: carbohydrate sources like sugar and bread increase insulin release in your body. And insulin is the hormone responsible for storing fat in your body.


Reducing insulin allows the fat in your body to be released. It will also make it an easily available source of energy for your body. That way, you’ll start burning the fat in your body first.


Reducing carbs will also help to cut your appetite down.  Consuming carbs actually makes you hungrier, and reducing it will help making counting calories much easier. If you don’t crave it as much, it’s easier to resist temptations.


  1. Increase Proteins and Vegetables

Proteins and vegetables make you feel fuller longer than carbs, and reduce your hunger cravings. That will definitely help avoid things like calorie counting.


And there’s no such thing as a ‘protein crash’. We all know that energy drop after we consume too much sugar. Having a good amount of protein for breakfast and lunch will help you avoid having that 4pm snack to pick yourself up.


  1. Lift weights


Why lift weights? Because resistance training helps to increase your metabolism, and it lasts even after your workout. It will also help increase the tone of your muscles, which will show up eventually if you’re persistent with your workout.


Contrary to popular belief, lifting weights will NOT make you into a hulking mass of muscle. If you’re afraid that this will make you bulk up, know that it’s very, very hard to be ripped. It requires an endless amount of meals throughout the day, and chugging protein shakes every other hour. So if looking bulky isn’t your goal, relax and just enjoy the burn.


  1. Baby steps


The best way to keep a habit going is to break it down into small steps. If you have a goal of losing 5kgs, start by breaking it down. Target smaller, achievable goals like 1kg a month instead of 5kg in a week.


And change your environment to make it easier for yourself. Stock your fridge with healthier snack options. Or find a gym with a cute instructor to motivate you to not miss a session.


  1. Treat yourself


Have a cheat day once a week. After watching your diet and hitting the gym every day, give yourself a reward. It’s hard to resist temptation if you’ve been telling yourself to avoid those sweet, sweet carbs all that time. But make sure you only do it once a week! Having more than one cheat day per week will work against your goals.


And try to stick to healthier sources of carbs. Choose options like rice and potatoes.


  1. Be kind to yourself


It’s normal for us to slip up. Maybe you’ll miss one exercise session or more. Or maybe your cheat day turns into a cheat month. You’re in horror and you start beating yourself up mentally over it. But it’s important to recognize that you’re only human.


Just pick yourself up and start again.


Good luck with your journey, and here’s to you going for your ideal weight.