Haze has the habit of knocking on your doors when you least expect it. Therefore, surviving a hazy situation in Malaysia requires more than just staying indoors. Preparation is important to protect your family from being exposed to airborne particles, which can lead to heart and respiratory irritations. When you sense the haze looming, here are some survival hacks to keep you and your family safe.

  1. Stay indoors The first rule to surviving the haze in Malaysia is to remain indoors. Schools and outdoor attractions are likely to be closed until the haze subsides, which is a good measure for your little ones. If you’re seeking for family time during the weekends, take them to the nearby mall or indoor attractions. For workouts, advise your family members to head to the gymnasium instead.2
  2. Wear an N95 mask If you must make your way outdoors, keep you and your family protected with an N95 mask, that is widely available in major pharmacies in Malaysia. Surgical and paper marks may be cheaper alternatives, but they won’t provide the necessary protection against the harmful and fine haze particles.3
  3. Increase daily water intake Dry irritant coughs and sore throats are some of the health effects from excessive exposure to haze. Encourage your family members to stay hydrated by increasing their water consumption. This precautionary habit will not only keep respiratory irritations at bay, it also does wonders in flushing out the toxins from their body.4
  4. Skip caffeine and liquor consumption Aside from increasing your water consumption, it’s also best to save your morning latte and late night drinking for another day. Coffee and alcohol are two beverages that are known to dehydrate your body, which is something we should avoid during a hazy weather. Dehydration also makes your body vulnerable to respiratory infections.
  5. Invest on an air purifier Your family can also invest in an air purifier to fight off the haze in Malaysia. Even with your doors and windows closed, fine particles and harmful allergens can still seep through the cracks and into your home. Therefore, having an air purifier in your household is a great solution to filter those pesky particles away.6
  6. Consume more fruits and vegetables Reduce your chances of getting respiratory infections by replenishing your body with important nutrients, such as vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, and anti-oxidants. Add more fruits and vegetables in your family’s everyday meals to strengthen their immune system.

There are numerous ways to keep your family protected from the haze in Malaysia. It can be as simple as investing in an air purifier, strengthening the immune system with healthy eating, and increasing daily water intakes. By practicing these helpful tips, you and your family will survive any hazy situation that comes your way.