A facial is a true treat for your skin, but there are some factors to consider before you experience this luxury. Not all treatments are equal, and some facials do more harm than good if they aren’t performed properly. A qualified dermatologist should be able to explain all your options so that you can make the best choice. You can also ask the following questions to ensure you’re fully informed.




What Does a Facial Include?

Because there is a wide range of treatments, it’s important to inquire about specific methods. This is supposed to be a positive experience, and the more you know, the more enjoyable it’ll be. Expect to hear about steam techniques for opening the pores, cleansing and exfoliation for brightening the skin and deep hydration for softening it. Here, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of more facial techniques.




Is an Extraction Necessary?

Whiteheads and blackheads make skin look worn and tired. If you’ve ever secretly considered sloughing away these unsightly bumps with sandpaper, you’ll likely appreciate an extraction. During an extraction, heat is applied to the affected area and a small implement is used to remove whatever is clogging the pores. This can be rough on the skin, which is why it’s important to ask if you actually need this step.




Does Skin Type Matter?

If your dermatologist says skin type is irrelevant, it’s time to find a new specialist. Your skin history will determine which products and techniques suit you best. Acne-prone skin may require microdermabrasion or chemical peels, while sensitive skin may be refreshed with just a cleansing and massage. Some skin technicians also offer facial acupressure to gently boost circulation. You can find more information regarding this procedure here.



Is Any Special Preparation Required?

Your skin technician will probably have some pre-facial tips to ensure your visit is as successful as possible. He or she may suggest avoiding sunlight and exfoliating products for a few days before your appointment. Aside from that, you’ll likely be able to follow your normal skin care routine. If your biggest fear is leaving the house without makeup, don’t panic. The technician can remove your makeup prior to the facial.


Are There Natural Rejuvenating Methods?

This is a relevant consideration for anyone who prefers a safer facial treatment. In place of the chemical-based alternatives, some spas and dermatologist offices use organic products, and others rely solely on the physical manipulation of the skin. There are even specialists offering laser-only facials in Singapore and other highly populated areas, which can be a highly beneficial way to remove the pollutants associated with densely packed cities.



How Often is a Facial Required?

The answer to this will vary from place to place, and it’ll depend on your personal goals. Someone with chronic issues may need to receive a series of treatments until the skin is balanced. Most people can get away with having facials every four to six weeks. Your dermatologist will create a schedule that fits your needs, and he or she should suggest at-home programs as well.

No matter where you go for your facial, it’s important to know what’s involved. A trained expert in all skin types and cosmetic therapies can guide you through your options. Once you decide which route is ideal, you’ll be on your way to showing off a healthier, fresher, tighter and more youthful complexion. If smooth, glowing skin and a bit of pampering is on your wish list, you cannot go wrong by scheduling a relaxing and invigorating facial.