Many people make the mistake of thinking that Valentine’s day is only meant to be celebrated between lovers. In fact, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love in general, and it can be shared with anyone you have a deep affection for, including parents, siblings, other family members and even friends.

Valentine’s day doesn’t limit you to giving romantic gifts, but it also allows you to buy gifts for people that have touched your heart and moved you in life. One such person you may want to share Valentine’s day with is your beloved mother. Here are some loving gift ideas for you to show your appreciation this Valentine’s day for the woman who raised you:

  1. Artisanal Soap. Regular store-bought soap is often full of chemicals and artificial fragrances, so why not buy your mother a bar of handmade soap? There are many soap artisans online who use natural products to make their soaps, which are often formulated with essential oils that are therapeutic and offer much more benefits for the skin.Image result for Anti Aging Serum
  2. Anti Aging Serum. To help your mother with her skincare regimen, why not buy an anti aging serum? Anti-aging products are great at introducing collagen to the skin, which is a protein that the skin needs to maintain its elasticity. Many of these serums are also rich in vitamins and nutrients that will help aging skin regenerate faster.
  3. Hand Creams. Hand creams offer relief to tired hands that have worked all their lives to keep things together, and these caring hands belong to no one else except your mom. Give her the gift of soft hands this Valentine’s day with a soothing hand cream, formulated to restore moisture and suppleness. Keep a look out for hand creams that have Vitamin E because it helps with skin regeneration and good for aging hands.
  4. Electronic Face Brush. An electronic face brush is a fairly new skincare tool that has become very popular of late. These gentle electronic brushes are designed to remove dead skin cells and impurities from pores, helping to keep skin clean and clear of blemishes. Facial brushes also help moisturizers and face oils absorb better onto the skin.
  5. Bath Salts. Bath salts aren’t just things to make your bath water smell nice. The salts themselves have many soothing and healing properties. Bath salts nowadays also come with essential oils and essences that help keep skin soft and supple. Apart from that, they are also very therapeutic and the aroma promotes relaxation and rest. This is a great gift for moms who enjoy long baths and who could use a long bath to help in finding relief from stress.
  6. Fragrances. Depending on how strong your mom likes her fragrances, you could get her the different types available. Eau de Toilette and Eau Fraiche have the lowest concentrations of scent, and lasts only 2 hours, so they’re suitable for mothers who are retired and only wear fragrances for events and outings. Parfum and eau de parfum have the highest fragrance intensities and are more suitable for moms who are still working and want scents that last 6 hours or more.

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Although Valentine’s Day is not traditionally associated with family, you can always break from the norm and give your mom the Valentine’s Day she deserves. After all, she’s one of the few persons who loves you unconditionally.