The wedding dress has a long, interesting history. Do you know that wedding gowns are typically short until the late ‘40s? The wedding dress we know today, the long and white gown, stems from the Victorian era. It dominated the bridal market that many brides around the world opt for that kind of gown to keep up with fashion.

However, people’s varying culture and religion greatly influenced and somehow modified the trend. In the Eastern culture, for instance, it’s usual to see brides wearing a red gown. The color is believed to bring auspiciousness and good luck.  Even in Singapore, there are a lot of different traditions because of the various cultures present.

If you’re about to tie the knot and you’re not obliged to follow any tradition, there are types of dresses that will surely match your style. Here are some of the gowns that will make you look fashion-forward.gorgeous-colored-wedding-dresses-colored-wedding-gowns-2012-2015

  1. Colored dresses You have the freedom to wear any color other than white or red. Light and bright colors are quite typical, especially on summer weddings but who says you can’t wear dark as well? Grey and black can be as glam as white. You may visit a bridal studio in Singapore if you want to see a lot of options other than the traditional color.mti4odm2mdk2otm0mtq2mde4
  2. Prints Wear prints on your big day if you feel doing so. You can be head over heels gorgeous with prints, especially floral. That’s adding a lot of life to the usual wedding dress we know! Or if you’re a little more artistic, why not try a paint splatter dress? That’s unconventional but can be pretty when done right.Dip dyed wedding dress
  3. Ombre wedding dress If you’re still in doubt about the color of your gown, why not try something a little in between like an ombre? Dip-dye wedding gowns are pretty much a trend these days because of their uniqueness. Ombre gowns will look best on beach or garden weddings.white-lace-rompers
  4. Rompers If you have a low-key ceremony, sporting rompers or jumpsuits wouldn’t hurt. Try to visit any bridal studio and you’ll see that there are some that already sell pants for brides. Pants can be both stylish and comfortable to wear.image04
  5. Short ballerina-style dresses If you’re truly an offbeat bride and you don’t mind being unconventional, a ballerina-inspired dress could be the right outfit on your big day. Just finish the look with a bun ‘do and you’re good to go.

In the end, remember that there’s always an alternative for everything. You don’t have to follow tradition all the time. If you want to make sure if an outfit is indeed fine to wear, you can visit a bridal studio in Singapore first. You’ll be amazed that you can see a lot of options that are sure to inspire you! After all, this is your wedding. It should reflect you and your guy’s personality.