As far as chocolates, coffees, and milk products are concerned, who wouldn’t love Milo? As your daily dose of energy, it never fails to keep you alert and lively! Because it is more affordable than its other counterparts, most consumers prefer it as their daily milk drink company. What you did not know about is that it’s not your average chocolate milk powder everyday and there’s a whole lot of chocolatey experience to try!


  1. Ice cream

There’s nothing more refreshing than licking a scoop of ice cream on a hot sunny day. You don’t have to go to your grocery store to buy some gallons of chocolate ice cream, because within the convenient of your kitchen and with a cool chocolate powder, you could definitely produce one! A combination of heavy cream, egg yolks, sugar, and malt will make your very own ice cream.


  1. French Macarons

Though this is not easy to make, baking macarons out of the milk powder of the day will totally satisfy your taste buds. Mixing cocoa powder, sugar, powdered almonds, and egg whites together will give you what you want. But of course, it wouldn’t be a macaron without its filling. This is the part where your favorite chocolate milk powder and whipped cream get into the spotlight. Summing up, you’ll enjoy crunchy and creamy heavenly treats!


  1. Balls

One of the easiest tricks is to create Milo balls. All you need to do is combine a coconut, milk biscuits, condensed milk, and of course your favorite powder!


  1. Brownies

Yummy and chunky, this delicious snack is perfect wherever you go. Though transforming chocolate powders to squares of brownies sounds difficult to make, after 30 minutes of baking, you would surely crave some more.


  1. Cupcakes

Taking your chocolatey experience to a higher level, you might find this quite harder than making brownies. In here, you need to buy the basic baking ingredients such as flour, baking powder, eggs, whipped cream, and vanilla extract to create these little cakes. You are required to be accurate as possible.


Food is absolutely life and eating is more enjoyable if you’ll learn to go outside the box. Don’t just stick with a single routine. There are a lot of things to create out of a simple 100-gram powder of Milo!