Toyota is one of the leading manufacturers that Singapore drivers choose when they search for new and used cars. The Toyota company has been manufacturing vehicles since 1937, and its primary goal has always been to create long-lasting and reliable sources of transportation. The company manufactures vehicle for every purpose. A consumer can find an economy vehicle, an SUV, a pickup truck or a sporty vehicle for daily use. A Singapore resident should consider purchasing a Toyota model as a first vehicle or a used daily driver. The following contains five reasons that Toyota cars should be on the top of every driver’s list of vehicles to consider:


resale value of car

   Toyota vehicles have high resale value in the market!


Their Resale Value Is High

One thing that buyers will want to pay close attention to is a vehicle’s resale value. Toyota’s have some of the highest retail values on the market. That means that anyone who owns a Toyota may be able to get almost the same amount of money back when they resell their vehicles to other parties. Purchasing a car that has a high resale value is extremely smart.


good quality

   Toyota is a good quality brand in the market to last long.


They Are Made to Last

Nowadays, consumers are looking for vehicles that will last them for a period of at least several years. Five years is a long time, but 10 years is usually ideal for a frugal or budget friendly individual. Toyotas have a long history of being strong enough to last between 200,000 miles and 300,000 miles. The vehicles can last as long if the owner keeps up with regular maintenance tasks such as oil changes every 3,000 miles or when the owner’s manual suggests the vehicle owner should conduct them. The motor components of Toyota cars are dependable and strong.


Superior Safety Features

Toyota vehicles received awards for innovative and extra precautionary safety features in the market.


They Have Superior Safety Features

Many Toyota vehicles have received awards for having innovative and extra precautionary safety features. For example, the newer Toyotas have special side air bags, whiplash prevention features and body structures that work to absorb the impact of accidents. Other safety features that some Toyota vehicles have include Brake Assist, Anti-Lock Brakes, Traction Control and more. Certain safety features have been standardized for all vehicles across the board. Toyota is a company that wins frequent awards for its efforts at protecting drivers and passengers. Toyota has won the Towing Safety Award as well as several other awards for implementing reliable safety elements that have kept children and adults safe from accidents.


They Are Non Scandalous

A scandalous manufacturer is one that stays in the news stories for recalls and incidents that have harmed consumers. The Toyota company is one of the quietest companies of all manufacturers when it comes to the news. A manufacturer that stays out of scandals is an excellent one for a Singapore auto buyer to choose. An interested person can verify this information by conducting a search for recent news on the Toyota company. The reader will most likely end the search feeling secure because not much information returns in the search.


toyota reliable

Toyota vehicles are reliable and can fit anyone’s tastes and preferences.


They Are Plentiful

Finally, another reason to purchase Toyota vehicles is that they are reliable. The company always offers cars that can fit anyone’s tastes and preferences. From the fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle, to the sturdy and attractive pickup truck, Toyota’s selection is always vast and pleasing to the eyes. Price ranges are adequate for first-time buyers and well-off citizens alike. A Singapore consumer will want to consider buying a Toyota vehicle for the above-stated reasons. Many Toyotas will be available on popular used car listing websites. The curious consumer can search such websites for the perfect vehicle for him or her.