Image result for 5 Budget-Friendly Things to Do in MelakaThere is a saying that visiting Melaka means visiting Malaysia. With its rich tradition and historic sites, you don’t need to go elsewhere to get to know more about the Malaysian culture. You will not run out of museums, theme parks, and resorts all over Melaka which is declared as a UNESCO Heritage site.

Melaka has a lot to offer. Because of its booming tourism industry, you will not regret touring this city. If you’re on a budget, you can still enjoy your Malaysian trip by trying these things:

  1. Eat local foods at Jonker Walk.

Image result for Eat local foods at Jonker Walk.If you don’t mind the crowd, go to Jonker Street’s night market and try local Melaka dishes. It is a fun activity to do especially if you’re going as a group.

The Tian Hup Seng Biscuits costs around RM1.10 per piece while a serving of Hong Sheng Wanton Mee costs only RM4. Aside from food, there is also an array of souvenirs and entertainment on this street.

  1. Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

Image result for Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum malaccaThere are many museums all over Melaka but if you only have around RM22 to spare, you can use that to explore the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum. This is the place to go if you enjoy seeing 19th-century houses and antique furniture.

Did you know that four generations already lived here before it became a museum? This museum displays a combination of Malay and Chinese culture.

  1. Go fishing at the Pantai Siring.

Image result for Go fishing at the Pantai Siring.Got only RM25 to spare? You can use that money to go deep-fishing. Then catch the beautiful sunset and take a nice selfie after boat riding. Most kelongs here are family-owned. What’s nice about this place is that you could ask them to cook the fish for you.

If you want some quiet time, better visit during the weekdays since more tourists are coming to fish on Saturday and Sundays. And before we forget, the pay already allows you to go fishing for a day!

  1. Eat tropical fruits at the Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm.

Image result for Eat tropical fruits at the Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm.For RM15.90, you can pick some fruits at the Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm and eat them! There are tons of rambutan here but you could also pick other fruits such as dragon fruit and durian.

The fruit farm is often frequented by families with kids because they also have a mini zoo. It’s a big place so you can also try kayaking, cycling, and jog if you wish to. This place is ideal for those who wish to learn something new while enjoying the beauty of nature.

  1. Get cozy at the Teddy Bear Cafe.

Image result for Get cozy at the Teddy Bear Cafe. malaccaTBC Melaka is known for their moderately priced meals, such as pizza and sandwiches. This is one of the cafes to go to if you are looking for some quiet time with loved ones or if you want to dine solo. You will not only be rewarded with a nice ambiance with cute, fluffy bears. You will also be treated to servings of yummy dishes.

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