If you are getting ready to buy your first BMX bicycle, there are many things you should take into consideration before making the plunge. Here are all the tips you will need to find the one you want and get the best price for it.


Different Strokes for Different Folks

BMX bikes are all different, depending on specific riding styles. Know whether you plan on riding it on the street, in the park, or on the dirt. Make sure you discuss this with the BMX bicycle salesman as well. If you are not sure which bike is for what, they will point you in the right direction.

Different bikes use different materials. Find a BMX bike made from chromoly. It is a lightweight allow that all high-end BMX bikes out of.


BMX Bike Types


Make Sure it Fits

Make sure that you fit on the bike. One that is too small is uncomfortable to try to ride and makes it hard to hit tricks. If the bicycles too big, you will have pretty much the same issues.



There are some really durable BMX bicycles out there but you must realize how hard you are on these bikes. Using it for so long and playing on it so hard will tend to loosen up the chain.

Your BMX bicycle has many parts that are interchangeable. You can upgrade parts of your bike and end up getting a huge boost in performance.


bmx bike performance



Bike Budget

Knowing how much you want to spend on a bike and finding something in that price range might save you the heart ache of realizing that the one that you really want costs a few hundred more dollars than you have. Honestly, any bike is better than no bike.

As you are comparing prices and looking at different stores, be very aware of the weights of the bikes. During a long trip that extra weight can make a big difference.

If you are buying your BMX at an actual bicycle shop, ask them about any service plan they might offer their customers. If you are thinking about checking out @ online bicycle buy & sell shop you might be able to get a warranty as well.

When buying online, the bicycle is not assembled or ready to ride. You will either need to put it together yourself, or take it in a bike shop and they will give you a hand.

Sealed bearings will make you roll smoother for longer. Unsealed bearings are not worth the money.

You will sure to be happy about your purchase when it finally arrives. The exercise you will get from the bike is worth the cost alone. Enjoy the good health and long life that eating right and exercising.

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