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There are many ways to celebrate Christmas in sunny Singapore. Apart from the long list of festive activities, you will never run out of holiday treats to try this December. But of course, nothing beats home cooking for that much-awaited Christmas dinner.

Whether you’re having an Italian-themed holiday dinner or not, everyone loves pasta! It’s one of the heartiest and most comforting dishes you can serve during Christmas that always make people feel at home. If you’re searching for the perfect pasta dishes to serve this holiday season, here are the 3 top favorites you can try.

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  1. Baked Shells With Cheese And Broccoli. It’s a great way to serve veggies to your little guests this Christmas season. A fantastic alternative for the traditional mac and cheese variety, just add steam broccoli florets to the basic recipe. You can use medium-sized pasta shells or the jumbo ones. If you’re using the latter, you can serve individual portions of the stuffed baked shells, which makes for a better presentation.Image result for Gnocchi With Herbed Butter Sauce Wow
  2. Gnocchi With Herbed Butter Sauce. Wow your guests with a different type of pasta this holiday season. You can buy normal gnocchi or make them more special by adding some aromatics to the basic pasta dough. Gnocchi is easy to cook. You just boil them in salted water as you would a normal lengthy pasty variety, and dump them into another saucepan with melted butter and mixed herbs. It’s simple but so elegant. This one is best served to the grownups straight from the pan.Image result for Rigatoni With Beef And Eggplant
  3. Rigatoni With Beef And Eggplant. The combination of eggplant and pasta is as classic as any Italian pasta recipe can get. Simply sauté diced eggplant with garlic and fresh tomatoes. Add the beef, and cook until tender. From there, you can choose to add tomato puree or really good olive oil. Toss in the cooked rigatoni, a dash of salt and pepper to taste, and you’re good to go. Best served with red wine on the side.

Have a Hearty Holiday Dinner!

Holiday shopping can be pretty stressful. The good news is that you can buy pasta online in Singapore as well as other ingredients that you need for a festive holiday dinner. If you’re planning to serve amazingly delicious pasta dishes this Christmas, try these three recipes and your guests will think that you slaved all day in the chicken to make it.